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U14 Players Needed
We are looking for additional U14 players

The following player registration must be completed prior to tryouts. The registration is split into three sections: Player Information, Medical Release, and Concussion Awareness.

Complete the entire form and submit to register for tryouts. Once we receive your registration you will receive specific tryout details.

BBC tryouts will be held on August 2nd in Bellevue, WA. Specific times and location will be e-mailed once we have your registration.

Bellevue Baseball Club operates teams for age groups between 13-18. A completed tryout registration form (below) is required for players to participate in tryouts. To assure the best possible tryout, we ask that every player complete the tryout form below as early as possible.

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  • Player Positions

    Please select positions player has shown an aptitude for playing.
  • Playing Experience

  • Participation Conflicts

  • We understand HS baseball practices/games take priority over summer baseball activities.
  • Our winter training program is crucial to spring success of our teams. We understand “in-season” sports take priority, but expect full participation during winter workouts.
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