Bellevue Baseball Club

Bellevue, WA Based | Select Summer Baseball Program

Bellevue Baseball Club will field U14, U15, and U16 teams for the 2017-2018 Season. We will not have a U13 team.


The Club’s philosophy is to operate a “select” program baseball experience for players who desire to play baseball in high school and college. Each team will play approximately 45-55 games/year. We expect to be competitive in games and will balance overall team results, unity and player development including playing time.

Coaches are former college and professional players. Our coaches are paid and are not parents of players they coach.


Through age 12, baseball players play through either Little League or Pony League, with some players playing both. These are primarily recreational in nature with teams playing approximately 15-20 games and practicing one day a week during the season.

For players desiring to play baseball in high school, a select program is one way to bridge the years between little league and high school ball.

For 13U and 14U, a select baseball experience is available through the Sandy Koufax division of the Washington State Select Baseball League.

For 15U and 16U, a select baseball experience is available through the Griffey and Mantle divisions of the Puget Sound Baseball League.

For U18 (which includes 17 year olds), a select baseball experience is available through league games and tournaments offered by USSSA, American Legion, GSL, Triple Crown and others.


Recognizing the need for a select program, the Bellevue Baseball Club was formed in 2004 to provide a select baseball experience for kids in the west Bellevue area. We have added a new 13U team each year. In 2017 we will have 5 teams; 13U, 14U, 15U, 16U and 18U

The Bellevue Baseball Club is intended to be long-term community asset, providing a select baseball experience to local players. The Board of Directors of the Bellevue Baseball Club at this time consists of Gregg Bennett, John Stanton and Jordan Nilsen and managed by Ben Johnson. The club is a Limited Liability Corporation with non-profit 501(c) (3) status.


Select baseball is a significant step up over recreational baseball; with the major differences being player/parent commitment and overall cost.

The 2016 – 2017 calendar for BBC teams is as follows:

  • October through February includes 2-3 practices/week in our indoor facility. These sessions focus on fitness, fundamental skills and strategy. Each week, sessions are held to focus on skill-specific training for players, such as hitting, pitching, catching, infield and outfield. One session each week is a team practice.
  • 13U and 14U Schedule:
    • Travel Tournament early/mid-March
    • 3-4 practices or games/week
    • Memorial Weekend tournament
    • 3 tournaments beginning mid/late June
  • 15U, 16U and 18U Schedules:
    • Players play on their high school teams from late February to Mid-May.
    • League play begins early/mid May through mid July.
    • Tournaments will be played Memorial Day weekend, then four tournaments beginning mid/late June.
    • Approximately 25 league games
    • About 5 tournaments; Approximately 45-55 games total including league
  • 13’s and 14’s will play 2-3 games/week (April – June)
  • 15’s and 16’s will play 4-6 games/week over shorter season
  • 18’s will play 5-7 games/week.

We do not require baseball be the player’s only sport. We recognize good athletes, the type who would be a good baseball player, may also play other sports. We ask players to make the commitment to make as many indoor practices as they can and have no other sport conflicts from May through July. We expect during the baseball season, that baseball will be the primary non-school activity.

The club has a dedicated indoor baseball facility in Bellevue which will enable them to work during the off season.


The 2015-2016 year budget for four teams will be approximately $180,000. This includes 10 paid coaches, uniforms, tournament fees, indoor facilities during the winter, equipment, umpires, league fees, etc. This results in an actual cost of over $2,500 per player. This cost is subsidized by generous sponsorship, thus reducing fees.

The fee schedule for the 2016-2017 season will be $2,400 for U13-16 players and $2,800 for U18 players. Additional contributions are encouraged, appreciated, and are tax deductible.

Scholarships are available on an individual basis. Scholarship status is not disclosed to coaches and is not a factor in selection.


Each team will have a minimum of 2 dedicated paid coaches. We will strive to have coaching decisions made prior to tryouts.

During the off-season, we have specialist coaches that work with players. Bios are provided on the 2015 Coaching Staff page.

Pitching – Blake Hawksworth & Jesse Moon
Infield – John Otness
Outfield – Jordan Nilsen
Catchers – Ben Johnson
Hitting – John Otness, Ben Johnson and Tim Stanton


Parent help is needed for several tasks. Each team needs a team manager who interfaces with the coach and communicates to parents. We also need help with uniforms, field scheduling, roster cards, e-mail lists, twitter accounts, etc. Volunteers are most appreciated and welcome! After the teams have been selected, we will circulate a volunteer signup opportunity. Parents of players on scholarship should plan on volunteering.


Please feel free to contact us.